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Complaints for phone number 1300 883 376

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Thursday, August 07 2014 12:14 AM
Someone called Charles Robinson phoned on a private number saying as I had been with Optus for so long / was such a good customer they were going to send me a free phone (once I said I have always been with Telstra they hung up immediately). Before that in the conversation they'd said they were with a company called RealSim working for Optus, and that their number was 1300883376. The previous day I'd received a call where the situation was similar (Indian accent, people talking in the background, sales patter not quite "tight") and the person (a woman this time) was saying she was from Optus and asking for my age and name. Reading the posts above and the Optus Community webpage, this definitely sounds like it has the potential to be a scam and/or identity theft type thing.
Tuesday, July 22 2014 11:37 PM
Called by a company claiming to be "realsim" however the calls I get from them are always No Caller Id and they tell me the number is 1300883376. I am not sure whether this is some sort of scam? They told me they would send a free smartphone and they would upgrade my prepaid account to double what I get - however failed to tell me what they were putting me on was A PLAN so I asked is this a contract? And the guy says "Oh yes - a 24 month plan". I then told him I wasn't interested. He kept asking for my drivers licence number which I did not give him. He would leave information out, but only give it to me when I flatly asked. I don't know whether this is a scam or not. Beware!
Tuesday, July 08 2014 11:40 PM
I just had someone contact me on a private number to do with a new phone smartphone I got told il be getting it in the mail on Monday im not to sure if this is real but im freaked out I got his name and number and he said his company is with realsims his name is alex Rou and his number that he gave me after I said all of this is a scam 1800883376 im abit concerned what do I do? as his got my information
Monday, April 14 2014 03:07 AM
Scammers wanting address, date of birth and photo of licence for proof of ID for a 'free' mobile phone, claiming to be from a company called Real SIM linked to the Optus Network. After hanging up, another 'colleague' calls back trying to get more info. BEWARE !!
Friday, January 31 2014 12:35 AM
This number called me and said that i get a new phone its not real
Allen Scarborough
Wednesday, December 04 2013 12:14 AM
Its a damn good company it's not a scam and it is a telecommunication company powered by optus
Thursday, November 07 2013 12:15 AM
Mobile phone scam pretending to be upgrading your mobile. Instead steal information.

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