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Complaints for phone number 1300 657 502

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Christine Shirley
Thursday, August 10 2017 03:53 AM
I received my telephone bill for June/July, and was dumbfounded to see that I had been charged $106 extra.
I was supposed to have made a phone call to 1300 657 502, for 25 minutes and charged $97 plus another $8 surcharge (surcharge for what )
I rang Telstra for 1 hour, followed by another Telstra call for 30 minutes, followed by a phone call to the above number which turned out to be
Pacific Com Interactive. Never heard of them !!! Let alone make a phone call at 4:33 AM on a Saturday morning.
A phone call to this company resulted in them saying they will check their records and credit me. Now we wait !!!
Christine Shirley.
W Grantham
Monday, July 03 2017 11:57 PM
Telstra charging $97.69 for a call from 1902234455
This number, when googled, appears to be a regular offender on many different account holders. It is a scam of sorts. No one was at home at the time of the call. We only get home after 5.10pm at the earliest. We did not make this call. Please can this be investigated and removed from my bill. Telstra 0746392313.

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