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tsmith complain on phone 02 8748 6295
Tuesday, May 14 2019 03:58 AM
Unsolicited and unanswered call upon returning the call found the number to be disconnected? Unsafe.
Kaye complain on phone 02 6375 9196
Monday, May 13 2019 02:42 AM
Caller is a recorded message advising I have outstanding amount with the Australian Tax Office. My phone is registered to a not for profit business.
Sssss complain on phone 02 8514 2136
Monday, May 13 2019 02:11 AM
Origin Energy.
Multiple unwanted phone calls daily from these creeps, even though they have been asked NOT to call. just harassment
Andrew complain on phone 02 6529 0330
Tuesday, May 07 2019 11:11 PM
random call, line is always busy when I attempt to return the call
Debbie Shaw complain on phone 410 644268
Friday, April 26 2019 10:57 PM
Received call 12:54pm 27/04/2019. Recorded message from Australian Broadband Network stating service to internet and phone to be disconnected as NBN Now available in area. Press one to speak to technician. Pressed 1, then got disconnected. Checked number online, no complaints reported. Called number back, number not valid.
Home owner complain on phone 07 5530 7139
Wednesday, April 24 2019 09:33 PM
Just a ticking noise and nothing more.
Kay procter complain on phone 1902 226 883
Wednesday, April 24 2019 03:09 AM
This phone call asked numerous questions and in the end I hung up and was then charged $35 for seven minutes. They were advertising prizes if you were born in November . You just had to answer a few questions but it on and on.
Philip complain on phone 02 6358 3955
Wednesday, April 24 2019 02:52 AM
caller claiming to be ATO
Elly M complain on phone 02 6397 7688
Tuesday, April 23 2019 01:04 AM
SCAMMERS! Purporting to be the ATO. Don't give them any information. Indian-sounding voice asking for personal details. Got very abusive when I called them out as scammers. Note, a local Australian number does not mean these fraudsters are operating here – Testra numbers can be operated from overseas.
Mavis De La Pierre complain on phone 414 956845
Wednesday, April 17 2019 06:47 PM
I have been billed for two calls to this number which I didn't make.
I have notified Optus
Bernie complain on phone 02 8199 2460
Tuesday, April 16 2019 04:30 AM
Credit Corp - someone called January
Amanda complain on phone 02 6402 9130
Monday, April 15 2019 01:22 AM
ATO Scam - ignore calls from this number
are you kidding? complain on phone 02 6261 7074
Monday, April 15 2019 01:21 AM
this number claims to be the tax office threatening jail time etc. Of course, it isn't. It has a credible robo-call set up, asks you to dial '1', and then you get put through to the phony tax officer
Michael Moloney complain on phone 1300 135 017
Tuesday, April 09 2019 06:27 PM
Had a number of texts from this number stating I owed money for over due Motorways/Go via tolls. Rang this number and told them to send me the information/details and I would pay it, they sent nothing, I told them I called Go Via and they said I owed nothing.
Just got a call via an automated message yesterday asking to confirm this was my number, which I did as it was my work phone, it then went on to give me 1300 135 017 as a contact. Either Go Via/ Motorways Corp unload over due accounts and don't tell the customer and their call centre staff or these guys are scammers. This is ongoing for months now.
Jake complain on phone 07 5530 7139
Wednesday, April 03 2019 06:31 PM
I have received calls from this number three times now and nobody is on the other end its just noises. They have called everyday since the 1st April 2019
Lochy complain on phone 02 8385 8404
Friday, March 29 2019 01:58 AM
Online trading spam, have had several calls from this number and various similar numbers where if you try to call back if you miss a call, the number is disconnected
Lynne complain on phone 02 9099 5823
Tuesday, March 26 2019 12:48 AM
Rang 3 times in the space of an hour 26/3/19
Scammers as usual
Alison Saunders complain on phone 04 2165 6799
Tuesday, March 26 2019 12:09 AM
Unsolicited text advising I’d “been selected” as a winner of bet365 promo
Bernard Dwyer complain on phone 04 0904 6399
Sunday, March 24 2019 10:20 PM
1902226883 appeared on my Optus mobile account at a cost of nearly $100. Called Optus and they said that it was call I made.
It shows as a 25min call and billed as an overseas call.
I never dialed this number - where would I have ever found it.
I have elevated this with Optus as a complaint

Bernard Dwyer
Jonno complain on phone 04 5698 7456
Friday, March 22 2019 02:17 AM
got a missed call from this number one minute apart from 07 3040 9966 so figure are part of the same australain accident claims centre or some sort ,,,I read out the comments on here regarding his 07 30409966 number and he kept on with his rubbishy claims and offers of giving me $20,000 blew the dog whistle in the microphone of my mobile phone which has never got call centres calling before

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